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A job gone wrong traps lawyer R. M. Renfield at Castle Dracula. Sacrifice—others, or your own humanity—to survive, or risk it all for love in this horror-romance visual novel.But Renfield isn’t the only one looking for a way out. Who, if anyone, can you trust?

A spine-tingling atmosphere

Through intricate artwork, suspenseful sound design, emotive music, and stirring prose, lose yourself in a decadent world of vampires, tragic heroes, and demonic contract law.

A defined protagonist

Take control of Roger M Renfield; a lawyer on the brink. Will your Renfield collapse into a nervous wreck, or hold strong in the face of danger? Will he risk it all for love or save only his own skin?

A tangled web of relationships

The castle’s inhabitants won’t stand idly by as Renfield meddles in their affairs. Negotiate Renfield’s dynamic with unchosen love interests, Dracula’s Brides, and even the family’s butcher. Friends in one playthrough may be foes in another.

Four routes & love interests

Stake your claim on the hearts of four diverse love interests.
Each one enjoys their own dedicated, multi-hour storyline, exploring their unique approaches to rescuing Renfield from his predicament. The same relationship can unfold in different ways based on your choices.

The grim lord of the castle, a centuries-old vampire. With a silver tongue and an iron grip, he dominates everything around him. Is there anything gentle left within this terrible monster?If you want to find out, get in Dracula's good graces before his move to England.

A mysterious spirit haunting the castle's halls. For reasons unknown, Dracula dismembered him and hid his body parts, keeping him from his eternal rest. What inspired the special spite these men have for each other?Release the Ghost from his torment by finding the body parts Dracula took from him.

The second of Dracula's three Brides. Sick of how their husband treats them, they've wanted to see an attorney for a long, long time. Will they finally get their day in the sun?Provide legal services to Cez as they divorce Dracula in the demonic court of law.

A partner at Hawkins & Harker law firm, former classmate and current boss of Renfield. After years of avoiding each other—and their mutual attraction—the pair are reunited. Can they address their feelings before they meet their doom?Rekindle an old flame with Jonny, and burn Dracula's nocturnal empire to ashes.

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